Komadub – Derinbaz

Komadub – Derinbaz
Dub / Stepper
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31 March 2013
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Komadub – Derinbaz
31 March 2013 | Dub / Stepper

Starting their dub journey at the bands Dolaylari and Smile Resistance, Komadub was founded by Hybrid K. and Zaffah in 2010. After the contribution of Selekta Firuzaga (Dread Culture Soundsystem) in 2011, they decided to collect their musical experience on this album called “Derinbaz”.

Komadub tries to bring together some Asia-Minor and Middle-Eastern spirit with raw digital dub sound by recording some instruments like baglama, cura, duduk, bendir, bass guitar, electro guitar, melodica, and various synths on their tracks. They met Fedayi Pacha on his event Istanbul, 2010; and rushed into working on two tracks together. They also work with Basibozuk (producer/melodica-man) on some recordings and live shows.

They were highly influenced by many of the French Dub and UK Dub producers like High Tone, Dubwiser, Brain Damage, Improvisator’s Dub, Fedayi Pacha, Kanka, Alpha & Omega, Iration Steppas, Vibronics…


Fedayi Pacha, Basibozuk, Monomixer (12 Metrecube Soundsystem), Omni-D (Dread Culture Soundsystem), Sublime Porté, Fitisound, Vadav..
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