New Compilation “Dubwise Anatolia”

Coming into the world in Jamaican studios with zinc rooftops, through ‘versions’ recorded on reggae vinyl B-sides, ‘dub’ has crossed the oceans, spread over continents, merged with musical traditions of various regions, and since the 70s, it has been the backbone of numerous dance music genres – with its use of the mixing console together with effects such as delay and reverb as a supra-instrument more momentous than all other instruments in the mix; with its sound systems announcing the existence of bass frequencies which vibrate through not just the ears but the whole body; with its emphasis on the role of bass and kick in heightening that ecstasy.

In ‘Dubwise Anatolia’ album, İstanbul-based collective Beton Orman brings together producers, musicians and bands from different disciplines, with a shared adoration for dub. The album featuring tracks by Grup Ses, Genjah, Da Poet, Monomixer, Komadub, Debdebe, Froggressive Dread Unit, Murat Tolga, Evil Osman, Zanusar, Herif, Alphadub, Volkan İncüvez and FitiSound, with the mastering by Serkan Köseoğlu, and an album cover designed by Ozan Aktuna, introduces a fresh, Anatolian approach to the tradition of ‘dubwise’.

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